Jimmy Danko

A huge shout out to our friend and the incredible artist Jimmy Danko for his work on the splash screen art for Yodelay. Check out more of Jimmy's art work here!

The awesome artists of the Noun Project!

Some of the icons used in Yodelay were created as part of the Noun Project. These icons are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license. In accordance with the license and also just because we think that they are awesome, we've listed the names of each icon below along with the names of the artists for each and links to their pages on the Noun Project.

6 Tiles Stroke, By Yarden Gilboa

Flip Camera, By Ashwin Dinesh

Add User, By anbileru adaleru

Approve User, By anbileru adaleru

Speaker, By Theodore Tsongidis

Speaker, By Theodore Tsongidis

Close, By Jardson Almeida

Flash, By artworkbean

Bell, By Hysen Drogu

Molecule, By Swaty Shah

Speech-Bubble, By Christopher Holm-Hansen

Live Feed, By Michelle Fosse

Invitation, By ChangHoon Baek

User, By Gregor Črešnar