What's a Topic?

A Topic in Yodelay is a place where people can talk about, well, a Topic. Topics can be about anything. Events, places, tv shows, movies, trips, sports, ideas, concepts, schools, brands, stores or anything else really.

Can anyone in Yodelay create a Topic?

Yes. Anyone in Yodelay can create a Topic. All that you need to do is give that Topic a name. If a name is already taken for a Public Topic you can't create another Public Topic with the same name. But you can create as many Private Topics as you'd like as long as they all have unique names.

How do I invite more people into a Topic?

There are many ways to invite someone into a Topic. In the Members view in the Topic Bar you have an option to Invite more people into the Topic. You can also use the Invite button in the upper right corner of the Topic view. You can also use the command /invite followed by a user's id to invite them into the Topic that you are in.

Who can invite people into a Private Topic?

Anyone who has been invited to a Private Topic and joined it can also invite other people into that Private Topic.

What are the differences between a Public and Private Topic?

Well, Public Topics are,.. Public and Private Topics are,..uh, Private. More specifically, Private Topics can only be viewed by the people who have created them or the people who have been invited to them. No content from Private Topics, such as messages or Posts can be viewed anywhere else but in the Private Topic. No posts in a Private Topic are posted to the Stream. The names of Private Topics are not searchable in the Discover view. In contrast, anyone can Discover, view and join a Public Topic. All posts in a Public Topic are added to the Stream so that other people in Yodelay can learn more about the Topic and join it if they'd like. People can be invited into a Public Topic but they can also find it on their own.

How do I find new Public Topics to check out?

The Discover view is one way of finding new Public Topics to check out. Public Topics are classified in the Discover view by categories such as Trending and Popular.

Do Private Topics show up in Discover searches?

No. Private Topics do not show up in Discover searches because, well, they are private. The only way to even know that a Private Topic exists is to be invited by someone already in that Private Topic.

Can I share a Topic?

Yes, you can share a Public Topic in a few different ways. There are options to share Topics directly on Facebook and Twitter. You need to give Yodelay access to your accounts on those apps and then it will automatically create a post on your Facebook feed or a tweet in your Twitter account for you. You can also share a topic with a link using the Share with Link option. You can send that link to anyone you'd like and they'll be directed into Yodelay to view that Topic. 

How do I see who's in a Topic?

In any Topic you can select the Members view in the Topic Bar in order to see the Members who have Joined that Topic.

What's the Stream?

The Stream is a feed of posts from Public Topics. Even if you haven't joined topics you can view the Posts that people are talking about in Public Topics in the Stream. As a result the Stream place is a great place to discover new interesting Public Topics. To see more about any given Public Topic from the Stream, just select the View Topic option in the upper right corner of a post to go directly into that Public Topic from the Stream. If you like what you see then you can join the Topic.

How do I see more about a Topic from the Stream?

All of the Posts in Public Topics are added to the Stream. Every post in the Stream includes a link at the top of it that says "View Topic". You can select that to go into that Public Topic in order to read more of the discussion in that Topic. If you'd like once you've viewed a Public Topic then you can also join it.

Yodels & Reactions

What's a Post?

A Post is any photo, video or URL shared in a Topic. In Public Topics the Post is also added to the Stream. In Private Topics a Post is only visible in that Private Topic and is never shared to the Stream. Each Post has a Reaction Bar added to it. The Reaction Bar let's you easily react to a Post by adding a "Like", an emoji reaction or a comment.

How do I add a Reaction to a message?

You can add emoji reactions to messages too. Hold you finger down on any message and a menu of options will appear. One of the options is Add Reaction, choose an emoji and it will show up right below that message.

How do I add a Reaction to a Post?

Each Post has a Reaction Bar added to it. The Reaction Bar let's you easily react to a Post by adding a "Like", an emoji reaction or a comment. 

How do I see who added a Reaction to one of my Posts?

For a Post that you are viewing in a Topic, select Comments in the bottom right of the Post to view the details for that Post. In the Post detail view you will see Reactions in the bottom right corner. Selecting Reactions will show you a list of everyone who's reacted to the Post.

How do I see who added a Reaction to one of my Messages?

Currently it isn't possible to see who has added a Reaction to one of your messages.

What's a Reaction?

Liking something is great but sometimes you want to do more. Reactions let you use any emoji to express more about a Post or a Message. You can react to Posts with the Reaction Bar and to Messages by pressing and holding on a message until a menu comes up where Add Reaction is an option.

What's a Yodel?

A Yodel is a fun quick action that you can share with other people in a Public or Private Topic. Many Yodels are some sort of call out to the rest of the people in a Topic. For example, "Where U @?" is a call out to the other people in a topic to ask where they are. Each of them can then use the "Here" yodel to quickly share back their location. You can also share fun things like Giphys or roll the dice. You can also Create Topics and Relate Topics with Yodels.

How do I create a Yodel?

The icon to the left of the text field in any Topic or Direct Message is the Yodelay icon. You can use that icon to create Yodels. Once you select it you'll get a menu of Yodels. Select one and see what happens.

Can you show me a list of all available Yodels?

Yup, here you go,

Giphy: The Giphy Yodel generates a GIF based on the work you provide to the Giphy Yodel. For example, you select the Giphy Yodel and then type in "party!" after the "/giphy" which shows up in the text field. Yodelay will give you a GIF related to "party!" Back in return.

Dice: Want to roll the dice? Select the Dice Yodel and you'll get a dice emoji and a number between 1 and 6 back. Why? Just cause.

Party!: The Party! yodel is wild and crazy! Hit it and a Party! related GIF will show up to brighten your day.

I'm Here: The I'm Here yodel is your quick answer to anyone who asks you the common question, "Where U @?" Just hit "I'm Here" and a little map will show up with your location. If you or anyone else then touch on that map you launch into a full map and can zoom in and out, get directions to them etc.

Lighter: Back in the day, people held up lighters at concerts and when enough people did it it looked awesome. We thought that you should have a lighter on your phone just in case you wanna do the same thing in the 21st century.

We're always building more Yodels! Stay tuned for more and let us know if you'd like to see specific Yodels in Yodelay by emailing us! hello@yodelay.com

Relating Topics

What's a Related Topic?

Topics can be related to each other. For example, #food can be related to #cake (#food <> #cake). A relationship is basically a link between topics.

How do I view Related Topics?

While viewing any Public or Private Topic, use the Related view in the Topic Bar to view those Topics that have been related to yours.

Can I add a vote for a relationship between two Topics?

Yes, while viewing the Related view in the Topic Bar just tap on a pre-existing related Topic to add a vote for it. Related Topics are ranked according to the number of votes for that relationship.

How do I relate one topic to another?

In the Related view in the Topic Bar you can select Add Relationship... and add in the name of any other Topic. If the Topic that you want to relate to doesn't exist then Yodelay will prompt you if you'd like to create it. You can also use the command /relate and then the name of a Topic in order to create a relationship between the Topic that you're in and the one that you typed the name of.

Why would I relate one topic to another?

Relationships are useful because they help you explore the full network of Topics in Yodelay. For example, the Topic #tv_shows might be related to #game_of_thrones, #mr_robot, #downton_abbey and 50 other shows each of which has its own topic where you can talk about that show with friends.


What's a Connection?

A Connection is basically anyone that you might want to connect with in Yodelay. You can direct message with them or invite them to Topics. You can also see their profile sheet. You don't need to "Friend" someone in Yodelay for them to be a Connection. If you direct message with them or they direct message with you they are added to the Connections view. You can also choose to view someone's profile sheet and "Add as Connection" to include them in your Connections view.

How does the Connections view work?

The Connections view works like an address book. You don't need to "friend" people in Yodelay to have them be a Connection. As long as you have their phone number, email address or Yodelay userid then you can connect with them (unless they've blocked you).

Why did you make it so that you don't have to "friend" people in Yodelay?

Well, you don't have to "friend" someone before you can send them a text or email so it didn't make sense to us that you'd have to "friend" someone before you can direct message them or invite them to a Topic in Yodelay. Plus, Private Topics act like "friending" circles in that only specific people are invited into each circle. On other social networks your "friends" are basically one big circle that you are sharing with. In Yodelay you can have many different circles, each with different people in it, each about a separate Topic. If there's someone that you don't want to have contacting you on Yodelay then you can easily Block them by swiping left on their name and selecting "Block".

Does the other person receive a notification when I add them as a Connection?

No. The Connections view is more like an address book for people that you can connect with in Yodelay. As a result people don't get notified when you add them to your Connections view. As soon as you add them though you can easily direct message them and they do receive an Activity notification whenever you direct message them.

Can I Block someone from connecting with me in Yodelay?

Yes. If someone tries to message with you in Yodelay and you don't want to hear from them you can Block them. Blocking them will prevent them from being able to message you and from being able to join or comment in Private and Public Topics that you are the owner of.

How do I Block someone in Yodelay?

To Block someone swipe to the left on the Connection in the Connections view and select Block. 

Can I Remove a Connection if I added them accidentally or don't want to have them as a Connection anymore?

Yes. To Remove someone as a Connection, swipe left on them in the Connections view and select Remove. Removing them does not block them from direct messaging you. If they direct message you again then they will show up as a Connection again and you will be able to direct message with them. If you really don't want to hear from them anymore consider Blocking them instead of Removing them.  

Photo Sharing

What's the Gallery?

The Gallery is a view in each Public or Private Topic where you can view all of the photos and videos shared by all members of the Topic. In the Gallery you can also Select individual photos and/or videos to Download or you can Download All photos and videos taken by everyone in the Topic.

How do I take a photo in Yodelay?

Select the camera icon to the right of the text field in any Topic or Direct Message. Take the photo with the big circular button in the camera view. Add a caption (if you'd like) and post the photo. Whether you choose to post the photo or not it will also be saved to your photo library.

How do I share a photo that's already in my library in Yodelay?

Select the camera icon to the right of the text field in any Topic or Direct Message. Instead of taking a photo, select one of the photos from the library below the camera view and post it.

How do I take and share video in Yodelay?

Select the camera icon to the right of the text field in any Topic or Direct Message. Take the video with the big circular button in the camera view by holding the button down. You'll see a blue bar move across the screen to tell you how long the video can be. Add a caption (if you'd like) and post the video. Whether you choose to post the video or not it will also be saved to your photo library.

Can I add a photo as my User Profile picture?

Yup. In your User Profile view, select the camera icon in the profile picture, take or select a photo and save it.

Why'd you make it so that I can only record 6 seconds of video in Yodelay?

Just cause.