Be Together

Yodelay is a social app designed for people who are tired of ads-based platforms that exploit their data and sell it for commercial profit. Our community is grounded in authenticity and the organic interactions of you and your peers. We want to foster those special moments between you and those you care about most. To do that, we will never show you ads, or sell your data. That is our mission and promise to you.


Yodelay is an ad-free social app designed to share special moments with you and your friends. Our focus is on keeping your data private, and staying true to what social apps should be.

No Ads, Ever

We promise to never have ads on Yodelay. This app is made for you, to curate a community built on authenticity and organic interaction.

Total Data Privacy

Bottom-line: we don’t sell your data. It doesn’t fit with Yodelay’s mission. Corporations are just going to have to find your data somewhere else.

Sleek Design

Interactive and slick. Catch up to speed with everything in your Yodelay world through a clean and simple app.

Subscription Based

You can use Yodelay with 3 private groups free forever. Or if you love us, you can subscribe for $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year and have an unlimited number of private groups. This is how we are able to offer you the ad-free and data secure experience you deserve.

Dynamic Groups & Messaging

Share urls, photos, videos, and more in both direct and group messages. This is the heart of our community. It’s a special place for you, your friends, and your family to share moments together.

Public and Private Groups

Discover new public groups with similar tastes and hobbies! Share your memories and spread your love to those around you in private groups, and find a few friends along the way.

Gallery View

View all of the images and videos collected across your private groups in a beautiful display.

Private Groups

Our secret sauce lies in the private groups. Those special, close-knit groups are a place specifically created for the people you are closest to — your friends and family. This is where you can share photos, inside jokes, and offer support in a private, secure setting. It’s your own little corner, tucked away from the world.


Yodelay Subscription



3 or less private groups

No Ads, Ever

Total Data Privacy



4 or more private groups

No Ads, Ever

Total Data Privacy



4 or more private groups

No Ads, Ever

Total Data Privacy

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