Our Manifesto

At Yodelay, we believe…

No advertising

Advertising based social media has splintered our social fabric. By the very nature of wanting to sell more ads, popular social platforms have an inherent motivation to share content as broadly as possible, which in turn is sold as a commodity by conglomerates who only want to sell you things in return. These ads-driven social media platforms are never free – you are paying with your privacy, your time, and your personal connections.

We believe there’s a space between group texting and broad social media sharing for an app that enables all of the social media experience that you expect from an ads-based platform, but is focused on you and your closest friends. We believe that social media should mean never seeing an ad again, feeling secure in protecting your data from massive corporations, and knowing you can still share content with the people who matter the most.

Three FREE groups

Our promise to you is that we will never turn Yodelay into an ads-based platform. We will adhere to a strict data privacy policy for everything you share on Yodelay. We aspire to building the type of community that will flourish from these promises, and so we have designed a business model where you can use Yodelay for free with 3 groups or less. Each of those 3 groups is fully featured, with no limitations. And, if you like what Yodelay provides, you can choose to subscribe for .99 cents per month or 9.99 per year to have unlimited use of Yodelay, with as many groups as you’d like. Whether you have the free or paid membership, we’ve designed Yodelay to offer this intimate social media platform for you and your friends, while protecting your private data. Oh, and you’ll never see an ad again. Forever.

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